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Stage B Part 2 W1

establish to start a company, organization, or club
toiletries items such as soap and toothpaste
wretchedness the state of being very unhappy, sick, or miserable
scorn to show that you think someone or something is not worth respecting
segregation a policy of keeping people of different races, sexes, or religions separate
pursue to try to achieve something that you want or need
revitalized having new strength or energy
hygiene the practice of keeping clean in order to stay healthy
guardian someone who is legally responsible for looking after another person's child
panicked suddenly felt so frightened that they couldn't think clearly or act sensibly
human trafficking the practice of buying and selling human beings
motivation the reason why a person wants to do something or pursue a goal
nominated officially recommended for a prize or honor
avarice a strong desire for money
charity an organization that works to provide money, medicine, or other aid to benefit people in need
adorn to decorate something or improve its appearance
compulsory required by law
activism the action of bringing about social or political change
Created by: perrymn