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back office final


What is HIPAA? 1996 Health Insurance Portability & Accountablity Act
What is PHI? Protected Health Information
What are covered entities? Anyone required to follow HIPAA Regulations, ie. : health insurance co, insurance clearing house.
What is a policy? A statement that reflects the organizations rules on a given topic
What is a procedure? a series of steps needed to take in order to preform a given task.
What can be disclosed with/o patient consent on PHI Treatment purposes, Public Health (when required by law) and to submit insurance payments
What is OSHA? Occupational Safety & Health Admin
What is the Americans with Disabilities Act? A law designed to meet the needs of people with physical and mental disabilities
What is a matrix? to establish times that a provider is unable to see patients, by "X"ing out times on the schedule
Wave Scheduling By scheduling several patients in the first 30 mins of each hour, leaving the second half open; patients are seen in order of arrival
Open Hours no appointments are needed and patients are seen in the order they arrive
Stream scheduling a method used to schedule patients, based on their needs and allotting enough time for that visit.
Cluster scheduling a method used by grouping together patients with similar needs at the same time
Alphabetical Filing arranging files by names/ titles according to sequence of letters in alphabetical file
Terminal Digit filing an arrangement of numeric files that are groups of numbers and read from left to right
Nonconsecutive filing system Groups of numbers
what does chronological mean? What is reverse chronological mean? placing in the order of time; usually the most recent is placed foremost. Reverse, puts oldest first.
POMR Problem Oriented Medical Record
SOAP Subject Objective Assessment Plan
What is a differential diagnosis? a rule out of other possible diagnosis
What is an Encounter Form? Super Bill, a pre-printed statement that list codes for basic office charges and has sections to record charges incurred in an office visit, patient balance and next appointment
What is a W-2 form Sent to the IRS at the end of the year; reports employees annual wages and amount of taxes withheld
Minimum info needed for a proper patient message? First & last name, DOB, contact info, time and date. who the message is for and the name of who took the message
Money Market savings and high interest-bearing checking account
What is UCR Usual Customary Reasonable
What is a tickler file? A way to remind yourself chronologically of tasks that need to be completed
What is the Truth in Lending Act? 1968 US Fed. law designed to promote the informed use of consumer credit by disclosing terms and cost. protects consumers
When is it a good time to talk about payment policy's with a new patient? At their first appointment
Created by: danni460
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