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Ameyya matthias tass

Each other بعض
Weight وزن
Understand فهم
To come back رِجع يرِرْجع
Go down، get off نِزل
To go up/ out طِلع يطْلع
To walk/leave مِشي يِمشي
To break (2) كسر يكْسر
To cut (2) قطع يِقْطع
To go راح يروح
To get lost ضاع يِضِيع
To wake up صِحي يِصْحى
To take خد / أخد ياخُد
To find لقى يِلاقي
To sit down/ stay/ keep doing sth قعد يِقْعُد
To come جِي يِيجي
Give me (only imp) هات
To look /////// Look at sth /////// Look so in the face بصّ يِبُصّ /////// بصّ على /////// بصّ ل
To have lunch /////// To have dinner /////// اتْغدّى يِتْغدى. غدا /////// اتْعشى يِتعشّى. عشا
Clothes هُدوم =ملابس
Out of order /////// Broken عطلان /ة/ ين = مش شغال /////// بايز /ة /ين
Free/ empty /////// Are you free/ have time? فاضي ة ين
To increase زاد / يِزيد / زيَادة
To swim عام / يِعوم
Participate شارك
To fight قاتل
To meet قابل
To try (experience) جرّب يُجرِّب
To push دفع
Remember /mention ذكر
To know علم
Leave/go out خرج
To confirm أكّد يُوكِّد
To beat ضرب
To put حطّ
To reply ردّ
To pull شدّ
To smell شمّ
To make /let (allow) / keep خلّى يِخلّي Make انا خليت أصحابي مبسوطين Let بابا خلاني اشوق عربيته
To become بقى يِبْقى
Together مع بعض
II give back, return, vomit رجّع
Explain فهّم
To let so get out To download نِزّل يِنزِّل
Has been بقى ل + time
To be confirmed تأكّد يتأكّد
To push زقّ
To teach علّم يُعلِّم
To inform أعلم يُعلِم
To go home روّح يِروَّح
To defend دافع
To study ذاكر
To lose ضيّع يِضَيَّع
II To bring sth up/ take sth out/ kick so out طلع يطلّع
To make someone go مَشّى يِمشّي
To try (hard) يلاول يحاول
How long /how much/ how many/ how big / how far أد إيه
As soon as اوِّل ما
To bargain فاصِل يِفاضِل فِصال
Appointment/ time you should be somewhere معاد
Floor دور ج ادوار
I wonder يا تَرى
Affair/thing شأن
Pay attention/watch out خلِّي بالك (conj)
Watch out! (Danger) حاسِب /حاسِبي / حاسِبو
To notice لاخظ يِلاخِظ
Ring رنّ يرِنّ
To tell حكى يِحكي ل
To calm down هِدي يِهْدى
To explain ءشرح يِشْرِح ل
Angry مِضّايِق ة ين
To insult شتم يشتم
In a hurry مستعْجِل ة ين
To bring جاب يِجيب
To drive someone angry نرْفِز يِنرْفِز
Amazing يا سلام
For ... ( point of view) بالنِّسْبة ل
Nothing و لا حاجة
To decide قرّر
Specific / special مُعيّن
Logical / makes sense منْطِقي
Disgusting مُقْرِف
Taste طعم
To control سيطر يسيْطر / سيطرة
Created by: Alabama1131