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Spanish Speakers I

Las 5 expresiones de percepcion sensorial La vista, El oido, El tacto, El olfato, El gusto
What is the simple present used for? To describe qualities and ongoing states, to narrate present events, narrate events in the near future, historical present, narrate past events in a more immediate way.
What is the present continuos used for? To narrate an action that is in progress, to express an event that is viewed as unusual, temporary, or surprising, and to express an event that is constantly repeating
What is ser used for? to identify someone/something, describe characteristics perceived as inherent or permanent.
What is Estar used for? Describe states that are perceived as temporary or non inherent, describe a change in state, identify the location of someone or something, narrate an action in progress
What are peropsitions? Prepositions combine parts of a sentance to express a relationship between those parts
What is Para used for? Indicate purpose or destination, indicate direction, indicate a specific time in the future, to express in order to, to express by or for with respect to time, indicate opinion or reaction, to express for being
What is por used for? To express cause or motive, describe an exchange, to express by means of, to express by in passive constructions.
Cuales son las palabras agudas Palabras que tienen la tilde en la ultina siliba
cuales son las palabras llanas Palabras que tienen tilde cuando terminan en -n -s o en vocal
Cuales son palabras Esdrujulas y sobresdrujulas Palabras que tienen tilde en la -s
Que hace el punto? La pausa en la fin de una oracion
Que hace la coma? Indicar la existancia de una pausa breve dentro de una oracion
Que son los tres elementos de una descripcion personal? observacion, seleccion, organizion
When is the preterite tense used? To refer to a completed action in the past, indicate the beggining/end of a state or action, refer to a change in state, narrate a series of events.
when is imperfect tense used? express habitual actions in the past, refer to past actions or states, refer to future effects.
What does passive voice do? Takes the focus away from the agent and turns it to the object
Que es in diptongo? Una secuencia de dos vocales en la misma siliba
Que es un hiato? una secuencia de dos vocales en silibas distantas
Created by: Raul_Aquino