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La Navidad

Spanish 1 culture

What is the predominant religion in Mexico? Catholicism
The nights of the Posadas are..... el 15 hasta el 24 de diciembre
How many people travel to see the Virgen de Guadalupe? Five million
Who is the Virgen de Guadalupe? The mother of all mexicans
What is the last holiday of La Navidad, on el 2 de febrero? La Candelaria
What is La noche de Rabanos and when does it take place? Festival of radishes, held in Oaxaca on el 23 de diciembre
What is la flor de nochebuena? A poinsettia
What do the posadas symbolize? The journey Maria and Jose took to Bethlehem.
True or False, there is a pinata after every posada. True
What do the seven points of the pinata used on the last night represent? The seven deadly sins
What is do people drink after every posada? el ponche
What is the special fish people prepare on el ano nuevo? bacalao
What is the fruit, in spanish, that people eat 12 of in the last 12 seconds before the new year? las uvas
What is la rosca de reyes? sweet bread eaten on el dia de los reyes mago
What is the American equivalent of el dia de los inocentes? April fools day
When is el dia de los inocentes? 28 of December
What happens on las cartas a los reyes magos? Children release balloons carrying letters to the three wise men
When is el dia de los reyes mago? el 6 de enero
What is el miso de gallo? Midnight mass
How do you say Christmas in Spanish? Feliz Navidad
How do you say Christmas Eve in Spanish? La Nochebuena
What does el ano nuevo start with? Mass, people go to church
What does posadas mean? A place to stay