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biochem 2 - 2

Biochem 2 - 2nd exam

what does an increase in acetyl coa do to GNG? why? Stimulates... inhibits pyruvate DH so pyruvate is more likely to go to GNG
Where does Acetyl CoA + OAA ----- citrate take place? Matrix of mito
Citrate ---- CoA + OAA takes place? cytosol
Glycogen gets acted on by glycogen phosphorylase and Pi give you what? Glucose 1P
In glycogen breakdown, glucose 1P is converted to what via what enzyme? Why is it converted to this? 1. Glucose 6P via phophoglucomustase 2. Because G6P cam then go to glycolysis and make ATP
What cycle creates G6P to enter a glycolysis cycle? Glycogen breakdown... GNG
Synthesis of glucose come from non carbohydrate precursors...name them Lactic acid, amino acids, glycerol
Pyruvate carboxilase is located in the ___ of the kidney and liver. mito
Malate shuttle : pyruvate to OAA via what? Where does this occur? Pyruvate carboxylase...INNER MEMEBRANE OF MITO
How does OAA get out of the inner membrane of the mito to the cytosol for PEP carboxikinase to work on it? Malate shuttle
Alpha keta acids enter into krebs and form what? This is a direct precursor to what? OAA - Pyruvate
Substance that makes ketone bodies Acetyl CoA or things that can make Acetyl CoA
3 things that can turn into Acetyl CoA Fats through OHOT Citrate through citrate lyase and Pyruvate through pyruvate DH
When we are ketotic, what enters the krebs? What spills over? What is made? What will this prevent? 1. Fatty acids 2. Acetyl CoA 3. Ketone bodies 4. Protein catabolise (amina acid degregation)
The overcoming of pyruvate kinse requires 2 steps... where do they take place? step 1 = Inner membrane of mito in liver Step 2 = Cytosol of liver
What does fatty acid synthse do? CRDR
What does Acyl CoA DH do? OHOT
What makes acetyl CoA? Pyruvate ---PDH--- Acetyl CoA
Ketones are primarily created from __ and can be oxidized to make ___? Fat, ATP
What cycle takes lactate, sends it to the liver to make glucose? Cori Cycle
In the morning, what is being tunred into glucose? Amino acids
What cycle takes alanine to the liver and makes glucose? Glucose - Alanine cycle
Created by: LrB