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vocabulary stack

third set words

barrage a bombardment over a wide area
fledgling young bird learning to fly or a person or organization that is immature
facade a face of a building
pummel to punch over and over
punctilious showing great attention to detail or correct behavior
prophetic far-seeing, predictive, seeing into the future
obstinate stubborn
pensive reflecting, deep or profound thought
raucous unruly, loud, or chaotic
auspicious promising, favorable
unorthodox not following rules
timorous timid, shy or nervous
convulse shake uncontrollably
condescend to speak down on, talk down
decorum an orderly or manner filled presence
rivulet a tiny stream of water
penchant a desire or strong interest
revelation a newly discovered idea or notion
console to soothe or make feel better
intuition a sixth sense or gut feeling