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Vocab #2

allot to assign or distribute
audacious bold, adventurous, reckless
devoid not having or using
comply to yield to a request or demand
prodigious extraordinary in size or degree
perturb to trouble or annoy
defiant angry, stubborn, aggressively resisting
punctilious showing great attention to detail
vigilant watchful, aware
incessant nonstop, continuing without a pause
timorous timid, shy, nervous
redundant no longer needed, omitted without a loss.
prohetic far seeing, predictive, describing someone who speaks of the future confidently.
obstinate stubborn
pensive reflecting deep, profound thought
indigenous native to an area
raucous unruly, loud, chaotic
methodical logical, efficient,
auspicious promising, favorable, giving a sign of future success
ominous threatening, foreboding
Created by: Squiddles