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The labor force is transforming right before our eyes. ____ has changed the way people work and live. Technology
Economist define labor force as all _____ people who are employed or unemployed. Non-military
Economist consider people to be employed if they are ____ years or older. 16
People who are outside the labor force could be ____ , stay at home parents, and _____. Full time students, retirees.
Economist use certain groups to help provide them with information, for example the _______ provides info about how many people are in the ______ Bureau of Labor Statistics, work place
U.S. labor force went from farming to ____. Machines
Manufacturing became the _______ with the industries being ____, ____, and _______. Powerhouse, steel, oil, automotive
More jobs in ______ than goods. Services
The learning effect is: Education ______ productivity and results in higher wages, the higher the degree the higher the Increases
The screening effect is: A college degree indicates to the employer that the employee is intelligent, hard-working and ______. determined
People in the US are making ____ money due to the fact of competition from ______ ________. less, foreign businesses
Benefits are becoming more ______ for the employer. Costly
Benefits are: ______ benefits, _______ pension, vacation and _____ time, and vision and _____. Health, retirement, sick, dental
The demand for labor all comes back to what the consumer wants and _____. Needs
Labor supply: The higher the wage for job, the more people are ____ to the job. attracted
4 Skill levels: _____, ____, ______, _____ Unskilled, semi skilled, skilled, professional
The gap is closing as more women join the ____ and are graduating more from ____ than ever before. Work force, college
The unofficial invisible self barrier that prevents women and minorities from advancing to the top ranks of business is called the ________. Glass ceiling
What has hurt human capital? Physical capital
Workers with the highest skills and workers who are in shortage (brain surgeons) command the ____ wages Highest
The man who started the official labor unions was _____ Samuel Gompers
4 labor union goals were: higher __, shorter _____, safer ____ ______, job ____ Wages, hours, working conditions, security
One of the best tools a union has to demand a change is to _____ Strike
If someone decides not to strike and work regardless of the strike is known as the ____ Scab
Unions are weakest in the ____ collar professions. White
Usually workers vote where they _________ or not. Want a union
Benefits, wage increases, working conditions are negotiated through the process of _______? Collective bargaining
Caesar Chavez organized the first ___________. Farmers union in 1962
One of the main functions of a labor union is to create and follow a _____ Contract
If two sides do not agree they may request _____ Mediation
If this fails the talks go into ________ where a third party reviews the case and imposed a decision. Arbitration
The ______ stated that union membership is not required. Taft Hartley act
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