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Semester Exam Review

Questions from the Exam review sheet & answers

Determine the # of significant digits .008 1
Determine the # of significant digits .0080 2
Determine the # of significant digits 1.0010 5
Which digit is estimated in this measurement .703 3
What is the horizontal row of blocks in the periodic table called Period
What do elements in a group have in common Electron configurations
What is a vertical column of elements Groups
What's 3 categories are elements separated into Metals nonmetals and Metalloids
Which type of elements shares both properties of metals and nonmetals Metalloids
Where are the metalloids located in the periodic table lost the metalloids On the heavy stair step line; B, Si, Ge, As, Sb, Te, At
What are the 7base units Length mass temperature time amount of substance luminous intensity electric current
Which of the following observations is quantitative? Brown. Soft 12.00 grams 12.00 grams
Why is liter NOT considered a base unit Its derived from meters
What are the symbols of the 1 base units Meter: M Kilograms: kg Kelvin: K Second; s Mole: mol Candela: cd Ampere: A
Which group of measurements is the most precise 2 g, 2.5 g, 3 g
Write the correct symbol for an atom of boron-10 10/5 Boron
What is the charge on the nucleus of an atom Positive
What is the mass of an aluminum bar that has the density of 2.70 g/cm3 and a volume of 1.70cm3? m=4.59 g
What nuclear particle has about the same mass as a proton, but with no electrical charge electron
Which part of an atomm has approximately equal 1/2000 of mass of a common hydrogen atom? electron
The nucleus of most atoms is composed of _________ and ________ Protons, neutrons
What makes up most of the volume of the atom? Electron Cloud
What makes up most of the mass of the atom? Nucleus
isotopes of an element contain different numbers of Neutrons
____________ number = total number of protons and neutron in the nucleus atomic
Write the isotopes symbols for copper-64 and copper-65 64/29 Cu 65/29 Cu
As the sotmic number increases, the number of electrons increases
What is the mass in amu of carbon-13 isotope 13 amu
An aluminum isotopes consists fo 13 protons, 13 electrons and 15 neutrons. What is the mass number? 13
Zn-65 has _____ neutrons 35
An electrically neutral atom of boron has____ protons, _____ electrons, and ____ neutrons 5, 5, 11,
What is the study of the structure and composition of matter and the changes it undergoes Chemistry
What is the volume of a sugar cube that is 2.14 times 10-2m by 8.4 times 10-3m? 9.4 times 10-7 m3
Which branch of chemistry deals with the study of materials and process that occur in living things Biology
Define matter Physical an chemical structure, matter is made of atoms
What are 2 measurable properties of all samples of matter solid, liquid
List examples of a chemical changes rusting of iron
List examples of physical changes crushing a can
Which type of mixture has more than one phase heterogeneous
what is another name for a homogeneous mixture? Give example Solution, water, soda
Which state of matter is characterized by having an indefinite shape, but a definite volume Liquid
To which group do cesium and francium belong group 1
To which group to iodine and bromine belong halogens
What period does this element belongs with the following electron configurations [Xe] 6s1 Cs 55
Which of the following quantum leaps would be associated with the greatest energy of emitted light n=5 n=1
The first letter of a chemical symbol is always Capitalized
Liquid, Gas, or Solid: Packed closely together liquid
Liquid, Gas, or Solid: very fain motion r apart gas
Liquid, Gas, or Solid: constantly solid
Liquid, Gas, or Solid; able to slide past each other gas
What is a pure substance Made of only one type of atom or only type of molecule
What is the difference between an element and a compound compounds contains atoms of differ. elements. elements are chemical substance
Atoms or Compounds? B-11 Atoms
Atoms or Compounds? Co2 Compounds
Atoms or Compounds? O-18 Atoms
Atoms or Compounds? H-3 Atoms
What element has the electron configuration: 1s2, 2s2, 2p6,3s2, 3p4? Sulfur
What can you infer about the reactivity of group 18? It is a noble gas
What is the smallest particle of an element that retains properties of that element? Electrons
How many protons, neutrons, and electrons are in an atom of barium 56 protons, 56 neutrons, and 56 ellectrons
All forms of electromagnetic radiation travel as the same speed
What element in the third period has the largest radius Sodium
What is an orbital Electron density formed in an atom or molecule by one or more electrons
How is an orbit different from an orbital Orbit: well defined circular path followed by electrons Orbital: space around the nucleus
What are the shapes of s, p, and d, orbital s: sphere p: dumbbell d: double dumbbell
An electron for which n=3 has more_____ than an electron for which n=2 energy
How many orientations in space does the s orbital have? p and d orbital? s: 1 p: 3 d: 5
What is teh difference between a 2p and 3p orbital 3p has a higher enegry level
How many mm are there in 0.05 .5mm
1.10 L water is equal to _______ml 1100 ml
If a measurement closely aggres with accepted values it is said to be accurate
If you frequently carry out the same experiment you should have high precision
How many sig figs are there in these: 0.0067g 2
How many sig figs are there in these: .008 g 1
How many sig figs are there in these: .0080 g 2
How many sig figs are there in these: 1.0010 g 5
How many sig figs are there in these: 10000 m 5
Express in scientific notation; 0.00007 g 7 times 10 -5
Express in scientific notation: 7789000 kg 7.78 times 10-6
Divide 10^8 by 10^-3 105
What is the product of 7.76 time 10^24 multiplied by 8.78 times 10^3 1.65 times 10 ^ 25
What is the sum of 7.76 time 10^24 and 8.78 times 10^23 8.64 times 10^24
What does the grapg look like if the relationship is a direct proportion? Straight through the oirgin
What did Rutherford conclude about atoms from his gold foil experiment. Atoms are empty space
What variable is directly proportional to frequency? Energy of Photon
How are frequency and wavelength related The higher frequency, shorter the wavelength
Determine the energy of a photon having a frequency of 5 time 10^8 Hz. 3 times 10 ^-25
How many electrons can be occupy the s orbital 2
What is the electron configuration of Ca [Ar] 4s2
What is the electron configuration for an atom with 10 electrons 1s2 2s2 2p6
Meneleev left spaces in his periodic table and predicted several elements and their properties
What is the name of the group of elements from 90-103 and 58-71 called Actinides elements and Lanthanide series
What is the periodic law Function of atomic #
What groups o the f orbital belongs to f block
What is a positive an negative ion called Positive is called Cation while Negative is called Anions
if the spin of one election in an orbital is clockwise, what is the spin of the other electron in that orbital Counterclockwise
How does an electron jump from one energy level to another? teleporting to level a to level b
How is an atom different from an ion Atoms are neutral containing the same number of protons as electrons. Ions electrically charged particles produced either removing electrons
How many unpaired electron does oxygen have 2
What is the trend of ionization energies down a group Increase from left to right
How does the atomic radius change as you move from left to right across a period Across a period from left to right radius decreases. Move left to right atoms have more electrons in their outer energy level.
What are the rules for addition and subtraction with significant digits Look at the decimal point. Count the number of significant figures in the decimal portion of each number
What are the rules for multiplication and division with significant digits Least number tells you the significant digits that need to be in your answer
What is noble gas notation shorthand versions of the electron configurations
What are the 3 rules for writing electron configurations Aufbau, Pauli, Hunds are the 3 rules
Who was the man who lived from 460 BC-370-BC and was among the first to suggest the idea of atoms Democritus
What unit is used to measure weighted averyage atomic mass amu



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