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AP Cuba

la inmigraciĆ³n immigration
inmigrar to immigrate
emigrar to emigrate
los requisitos requirements
el esfuerzo effort
aumentar to increase
la deuda debt
tener que ver con to have to do with
negar to deny
impedir (e-i) to impede or prevent
cumplir to accomplish, fulfill, carry out
fallecer to die
estrellar to smash, to crash
el asilo asylum
acceder to agree, to consent, to gain access
permanecer to stay or remain
retirar to move away, to take back, to withdraw
tardar to delay
aprovechar to take advantage of
encolerizado angered/enraged
elegir to choose, elect
avergonzado embarrassed
docenas dozens
lograr to achieve
el trayecto route or journey
crecer to grow
evitar to avoid
el acuerdo agreement
otorgar to award
destacado prominent, renowned, distinguished, outstanding
intentar to try
cotidiana daily, quotidian, routine
el preso prisoner, overcome, blinded (figurative)
tamaƱo size
integrar to integrate
las ramas branch
la sombra shadow
lanzar to throw
mulato a person mixed with black and white in Cuba
la embajada embassy
cambios changed
las medidas measures
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