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Physics Exam 3

Two ways solar energy can be used to produce electricity Solar panels (direct energy) Boiling Water
What applications of solar energy are in use today & why? Smaller scale because not efficient for bigger
What’s the difference between active and passive pumps active: pumps & motors , sophisticated passive: trees on south side, double glass
what building on campus uses a trombe wall for solar heating McCormic
Advantages of solar energy plain, renewable, no greenhous gasses
disadvantages of solar suns not shining, low dilute energy source
What is the turbine? Blaze
Where is the generator? Up on top of the pole
What are good locations for wind energy? High and consistant wind Off the coast The plaines Mountain ridges
Advantages of wind energy? Plain, renewable, no greenhouse gasses, doesn’t require any water
Disadvantages of wind energy? When wind isn't blowing
Recent problem involving bats? Bats flew right in behind blades and didn’t have lung capacity like birds so died
In simple terms, how does a piston engine work? Piston: device goes up and down in cylinder Hot gas goes in piston to cause it to go up and down
What is the difference between an external and internal combustion piston engine? External: combustion engine, fire is outside Internal: Creating hot gas in piston itself
What are the two types of internal combustion engines in wide use in the USA? 1. Gasoline 2. Diesel
Which of 2 engine types is lighter? Gasoline
Which of 2 engine types is quieter? Gasoline
Which of 2 engine types is more efficient? Diesel
Which of 2 engine types produces lass carbon monoxide? Diesel
What is octane? Octane: form of gasoline, hydrocarbon Has 8 carbon atoms
What is principle reason for using a higher octane gasoline? prevents knocking in your engine, If engine doesn’t knock on lowest, not sufficient, wasting money
What gasoline changes are made for different times of the year and why? Going in witer want more volitle Summer want less volitle Spring & fall: gas manufactures change one way to another
What gases do gasoline engines emit? Carbon monoxide Carbon dioxide Nitrogen oxide Organics kind of gasses
What have we done to try to reduce these emissions? Ban lenit gas Cap on nozzle for filling gas (keep gas in) PCD valve Pollution control valve
What is a catalytic converter? Changes carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide (less dangerous)
What is reformulated gasoline? Has a little bit of carbon to burn better
Where is reformulated gasoline required? Originally in higher polluted areas, but now anywhere
What happens to temperature as you go underground? Temp goes up
What is geothermal energy used for? Produce electricity Space heat Water heat
How can geothermal energy be used for electricity? Need a high geothermal energy area (higher temp areas) steam to turbine
Areas is in USA and World that use geothermal? Western States (california, Nevada) Iceland
Advantages of geothermal? Relativley clean ( a little bit of a pollution problem) Renewable (if carefully used) Relativley inexpensive to operate
Disadvantages of geothermal? Cost a lot to build Unavailable in a lot of places
How often does high tide occur? Twice a day/ every 12 hours
How do we collect water from tidal energy? Hydroelectric station
How does wave energy work? Waves bob up and down with a device
Advantages of tidal, wave and ocean current for use for energy? Clean, renewable, no greenhouse gasses
Disadvantages of tidal, wave, and ocean current for energy? Unavailale at some times No well located
Where was a new wave system connected to the grid? Hawaii
What other fuels might be used to transportation? Hydrogen Ethinal Various alcohol Propane
What are hybrid cars? Gasoline engine, electrical batteries
What are electric cars? Runs entirley on electricity, u have to charge it
What are examples of biomass? Plant matter, paper, wood, animal waste
Is biomass renewable? Yes if carefully used
Precautions of biomass? Don't use it too fast & don't wanna use wood
What is co-firing? Burning a little bit of biomass material along with the other stuff
Is cofiring good? Inexpensive and efficient way of burning other materials
What USA industry already uses a great deal of bio mass? Paper industry
Benefits of biomass? : good way of recycling materials, also is carbon neutral (producing some carbon dioxide but the fuel being produced is using it)
Problems of biomass? Not well developed, very dilute fuel *cant use directly in transportation)
What are some issues of using corn for ethanol production? Don't get a lot of energy out of it (30% increase) Using a lot of energy just to get a little bit more Could raise food prices
Biomass system used on campus? Heat, uses hot water
What country uses sugar for fuel production? Brazil, gets a lot more energy
Created by: jessicavaubel
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