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Hueber L7 Verbs

Heuber Themen Aktuell Lektion 7 Verben Verbs

abfahren leave, move off
abholen pick up, meet, fetch, collect
abstellen turn off, put off, shut off
ansehen look at, look upon
anstellen start up, turn on
ausmachen put out
aussteigen cop out, bail out, pull out
ausziehen pull out, take off
einsteigen get in, climb in
fallen fall
geben give
gewinnen win
gießen pour, water
heiraten marry
kennen lernen get to know for the first time
kündigen cancel, terminate, annul, resign, surrender
lassen stop, let go, let be
malen paint
merken notice, become aware of
operieren operate
parken to park
putzen clean
rufen call
sitzen be seated
telefonieren to telephone
überlegen think, reflect
umziehen move from... to..
vorbeikommen pass, come around, go past
wecken wake
wegfahren move, move away
Created by: Ekiw00