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Set #7

9th grade word roots

con- with, together
per- through, very
re- back, again
suc- below, under
cinct- bind, border, surround
cus strike, shake
-ion an action or process, state, quality, act
-ure state, quality, act; process, condition
an- not, without
cinemat/kin motion
esth feeling, perception, sensation
graph write written
-ation/esia/esis an action or process
-ic like, related to
-ology study of, science
-y state of, quality, act, body, group
succinct expressed in few words; concise
percussion the group of instruments that produce sound by being struck, like drums
cincture anything that encircles, such as a belt or girdle
concussion an injury to the brain from a blow to the head
precinct a part of a territory with definite bounds
repercussions the effects, often indirect or remote, of some event or action
kinectic related to movement
anesthekinesia loss of sensibility and motor power
kinesthesis the ability to feel movements of limbs and body
cinematography the arts and methods of photography used in film making
kinesiology study of human musculoskeletal movement
cinematizaion the process of adapting a novel, play, etc. for film
cinematic relating to the production or showing of motion pictures
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