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Los amigos

Cualidades y expresiones

amable kind
cariñoso, -a loving, affectionate
celoso, -a jealous
chismoso, -a gossipy
comprensivo, -a understanding
considerado, -a considerate
egoísta selfish
entrometido, -a meddlesome, interfering
honesto, -a honest
íntimo, -a intimate
sincero, -a sincere
vanidoso, -a vain, conceited
la amistad friendship
la armonía harmony
el comportamiento behavior
la confianza trust
el conficto conflict
la cualidad quality
la explicación explanation
el malentendido misunderstanding
la pelea fight
el secreto secret
acusar to accuse
alegrarse to be delighted
apoyar(se) to support, to back (each other)
atreverse to dare
colaborar to collaborate
confiar to trust
contar con to count on
criticar to criticize
desconfiar to mistrust
esperar to hope (for)
estar equivocado, -a to be mistaken
guarder (un secreto) to keep (a secret)
ignorar to ignore
mejorar to improve
pedir perdón to ask for forgiveness
perdonar to forgive
ponerse de acuerdo to reach an agreement
reaccionar to react
reconciliarse to become friends again
reconocer to admit, recognize
resolver to resolve
soprender(se) to (be) surprised
temer to fear
aceptar tal como (soy) to accept (me) the way (I am)
cambiar de opinión to change one's mind
la diferencia de opinión difference of opinion
hacer caso to pay attention/to obey
hacer las paces to make peace (with)
juntos, -as together
ojalá I wish, I hope
pensar en sí mismo(a) to think of oneself
Que va! No way!
tener un común to have in common
tener celos to be jealous
tener la culpa to be guilty
Yo no fui! It was not me!
llevarse bien to get along
Created by: LLainez