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Speakout UI unit1

UI unit1

outside your comfort zone new and different for you
how you get on what happens to you
had more time on my hands had spare time
dig searching carefully
made much more of an effort tried hard to
carry on continue
keep oneself to oneself be introvertive
be in a quandary not able to decide what to do
are not fussed do not care
got on very well had a very good relationship
get my own back do to them what they did to me
a big deal important
stuff thing
frustrated disappointed and angry
wished the earth would swallow me up felt embarrassed
over the moon thrilled
made my stomach turn disgusted
relieved it was all over glad it was finished
fascinated very interested
shaking like a leaf felt nervous
scared out of one's wits petrified
impressed admiring
awkward embarrassing
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