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la lit y el arte

el argumento plot
la caracterización characterization
el/la lector(a) reader
el/la narrador(a) narrator
la obra literaria literary work
el personaje character
el/la protagonista protagonist
el punto de vista point of view
desarrollarse to take place
hojear to skim
narrar to narrate
tratarse de to be about; to deal with
la (auto)biografía (auto)biography
la ciencia ficción science fiction
la literatura infantil/juvenil children's literature
la novela rosa romance novel
la poesía poetry
clásico classic
de terror horror
didáctico(a) educational
histórico(a) historical
humorístico(a) humorous
policíaco(a) political
satírico(a) satirical
trágico(a) tragic
el/la artesano(a) artisan
el/la dramatugo (a) playwright
el/la ensayista essayist
el/la escultor(a) sculptor
el/la muralista muralist
el/la novelista novelist
el/la pintor(a) painter
el/la poeta poet
la acuarela watercolor
la autoretrato self-portrait
retrato portrait
las bellas artes fine arts
el cuadro painting
la escultura sculpture
la naturaleza muerta still life
la obra (de arte) work (of art)
el óleo oil painting
el pincel paint brush
la pintura paint;painting
la tela canvas
dibujar to draw
diseñar to design
ecculpir to sculpt
reflejar to reflect; to depict
abstracto(a) abstract
contemporáneo(a) contemporary
inquietante disturbing;unsettling
intrigante intriguing
llamativo(a) striking
realista realistic;realist
al estilo de in the style of
de buen/mal gusto in good/bad taste
la corriente/el movimiento movement
el cubismo cubism
el expresionismo expressionism
el impresionismo impressionism
el realismo realism
el romanticismo romanticism
el surrealismo surrealism
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