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vocabulary 2018

Honors word study

metaphor a direct comparison two items are equal
personification gives life to no living object
comply to yield to a request or demand
prodigious extraordinary in size or degree
allusion reference to well known literature and/or art
dialect dialogue that shows an accent or geographical area
symbol noun repeated, stands for an idea
connotation the "feel" of a word
assert to take action
autonomy taking care of self, independence
perrspective view
rebel go against, fight the norm
prominent well-known, or sticks out
precocious very smart at a young age
draught light breeze
soberly seriously
sagely wisely
insufferable disgraceful or disgustful
unrelenting unabated, unstopping
disdain utter disgust
dimpled dented, small pockets
gaiety gay, happiness
keen sharp, aware
courtly court-date, politely
Created by: Hausrita