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Unit 6 Communication

barriers obstacles; things that stop something from happening (noun)
capacity size, how much it can hold; ability to do something (noun)
composite the whole, sum of the parts, something made of several parts (noun)
obscure little known, not known by many; opposite of well-known (adjective)
abbreviate to make shorter, to shorten a word (verb)
absorb to soak in, take in your mind, understand and think about (verb)
be in favor of to support, be "for" something, not against it, not opposed (verb)
come to be to become that way, begin to happen a certain way (verb)
cut back on to reduce, decrease your intake of something, use less of, opposite of increase (verb)
lag behind to fall behind, to be slower than others, delay, develop more slowly (verb)
raise an issue to bring something to people's attention, to mention for discussion, opposite of ignore or not talk about (verb)
suffer to become worse, be in pain, experience hardship , opposite of improve, enjoy (verb)
mannerisms behaviors or body language that is unique to a person (noun)
broken not smooth, doesn't work or function well (adjective)
assimilate to adapt or adjust to a new situation, culture, or group; to change yourself to fit in (verb)
conclusion the end result, final thought (noun)
keep up to maintain a certain ability, to retain your skills in something (verb)
restrict to limit, control, monitor (verb)
rely on to depend on, to lean on (verb)
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