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Outsiders Vocab

Chapters 1-12

fiery enflamed, feverish, full of emotion
rebellious inclined to resist authority
vauguely not definite, not clear
stalked approaching stealthily
nonchalantly acting unconcerned or indifferent
suspicious full of mistrust or uncertainty
irresistible too enchanting to ignore
gallant brave, chivalrous, noble
aloof unfeeling, shy
rueful mournful, pitiful, sorrowful
elite socially superior group
indignant filled with anger about unjust treatment
premonition a feeling of warning
fiend a person of wickedness
wince to flinch or shrink back in fear
deny to say something isn't so
divert to turn aside
tarnished discolored, dull
timid very shy and quiet
falter hesitate, stammer, waver
wisecracks jokes, pranks
agony to be in great pain
superiority above average quality
awed filled with respect
clenching grabbing onto tightly
Created by: lisajewell