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Hourigan, 11-4

Hourigan--Everyday Vocabulary, Unit 1, Ch. 4

termdefinition or sentence
estrange to make unsympathetic or unfriendly; alienate
estrange Ben’s rude behaviors ___ him from his colleagues.
euphoric overjoyed; having an intense feeling of well-being
euphoric Emma was ___ when she scored the winning basket for her team with only two seconds remaining.
infallible not capable of error or failure; unable to make a mistake
infallible Nate thinks he’s perfect, but no human is ___, so his mistakes will catch up with him soon enough.
regress to return to an earlier, generally worse, condition or behavior
regress After weeks of progress, our puppy ___(ed) to having accidents after we left her with a family member.
relinquish to surrender (something); give (something) up
relinquish Sarah had to ___ her bath products at the airport check-in gate because she forgot to remove them from her carry-on bag.
berate to scold or criticize angrily or harshly
berate When Gina ___(ed) her boyfriend for sending her tulips instead of daffodils, he finally dumped her.
impetuous done or acting in a hurry, with little thought; impulsive; rash
impetuous Cummings’ ___ and smart-aleck remarks wound him up in a foreign prison during war-time. He should have thought before speaking.
maudlin tearfully sentimental; overly emotional
maudlin I become ___ when I hear certain songs because they remind me of my mom.
ubiquitous existing or seeming to exist everywhere at the same time
ubiquitous Technology is ___. The only way to escape it is to go off the grid.
zenith the highest point or condition
zenith Having reached the ___ of fitness, the athletes were featured in Sports Illustrated.
Created by: khourigan
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