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Vocabulary set 1&2

Study vocab words

apathy feeling of hopelessness
grimace frown
dilemma major problem
contempt disgust-hartred
empathy person been through the same experience
rivulet tiny stream of water
commotion chaos
pilgrimage long spiritual journey
decorum orderly presence
humility low view of one's importance
permeate soaked thougroughly
drone make a low sound
wince flinch- cringe in pain
grieve sadness over loss
ponder think deeply
condescend rude
banish dismiss
pummel beat up
cower bow in fear
tranquil peaceful
hospitable welcoming-friendly
profound deep in thought
indignant angry
belligerent ready to fight
somber sad
grave dead serious
impulsive act with no thought
reluctant hesitant
vehement intensely emotional
dilapidated decayed
relentless incredibly determined
prominent well known
scion detached living part of a plant
infraction violation of a law
retaliate revenge
jeer mock
justify give reasons for
despise feel contempt(hatred)
compel force (someone) to do something,pressure
Sequence first, next, then, finally
Defiant stubborn, angry
Dialect accent, slang talk
Allusion reference to bible
Tone author, voice
Mood reader, feeling
Problem/Solution (Locked Out/ Break in window)
Connotation fierce, whispering, golden, dark
Compare/Contrast Similarities, differences
Expository article, factual
Created by: Queenofanchors



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