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apathy feeling of hopelessness
grimace frown
dilemma major problem
contept hatred
empathy same experiance
rivulet tiny stream of water
commotion loud racus
pilgramage spiritual journey
decorum orderly
humility low feeling embarrased
barrage big amount
flegling immature, young
intuition gut feeling
facade facing
penchant desire
revoulation discovery
proponet for something
junket trip
adulation praise
permeate throughout
drone continuous low sound
wince cringe in pain
greive morn to be sad
ponder think deeply
condesend rude
banish to get rid of
pummel punch over and over
cower bend in fear
mediate bring to the middle
consolve to shake uncontrollably
console to make feel better
serene quiet
hospitable welcoming
profound deep thoughts
indignant angry
belligerant ready to fight
somber down
grave serious
impulsive acts without thinking
reluctant fearful
intracate detailed
ominus forebidding
defiant rebellious
conspicious sticks out
arrogant stuck up
unorthodox does not follow the rules
tenacious determined
punctillious showing attention
vigulant watching
incessant non stop
timourous shy
redundant no longer needed
prophetic far seeing
obstinant stubborn
pensive deep profound thought
indigunous native
racous loud
methodical in order
auspicious promising
errant moving aimlessly
unabated full of strength
resounding impressively loud
rouge dihonest
compel force or oblige to do something
despise feel contempt
justify show or prove to be right or reasonable
jeer make rude and mocking remarks
retaliate make an attack or assault in return for a similar attack
infraction a violation or infringement of a law
scion a descendent
prominent well known
relentless tenacious
dilapidated decayed, deteriorated
vehement intensely emotional
Sequence First, Second, Next, Then, Finally
Defiant Stubborn, Angry
Dialect Accent, slang talk
Allusion reference to Bible
Tone author's voice
mood reader's feelings
problem/solution locked out/ escape threw window
connotation way word makes you feel
compare/contrast similarities, differences
expository article, factual
Created by: 23martambe