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Academic Vocabulary

Words to Study

a feeling of hopelessness, not caring, no affect, not feeling one way or another about something apathy (Noun)
to frown grimace (Noun)
a major problem dilemma (Noun)
to feel disgust, hatred contempt (Noun)
feeling like sympathy, but the person has been through the same experience empathy (Noun)
a tiny stream of water rivulet (Noun)
a loud raucous, or cacophony, chaos commotion (Noun)
a spiritual journey, a lengthy journey pilgrimage (Noun)
an orderly, manner-filled presence decorum (Noun)
a modesty or limited/low view of one's own importance humility (Noun)
throughout, soaked penetrate permeate (Verb)
to make a continuous low sound drone (Verb)
flinch, to cringe in pain wince (Verb)
to mourn or be sad about, usually over the loss of grieve (Verb)
to think deeply ponder (Verb)
rude, contemptuous, talking down to someone condescend (Verb)
to exile, to dismiss, to send out banish (Verb)
to punch over and over, hitting continuously pummel (Verb)
to bow or bend in fear, under intimidation cower (Verb)
peaceful serene & tranquil (Adj.)
welcoming friendly hospitable (Adj.)
deep, thoughtful profound (Adj.)
angry, stubborn, rebellious indignant (Adj.)
ready to fight, confrontational belligerent (Adj.)
down, despondent, serious/sad somber (Adj.)
dead serious grave (Adj.)
acts without thinking impulsive (Adj.)
hesitant, fearful, unsure reluctant (Adj.)
detailed, specific, finely described (Ex: patterned, spider web) intricate (Adj.)
threatening, foreboding ominous (Adj.)
indignant, rebellious defiant (Adj.)
overt, obvious, sticks out conspicuous (Adj.)
stuck up, haughty, conceited, uppity arrogant (Adj.)
not following rules, out of the ordinary culture or rule set, or practice unorthodox (Adj.)
determined, go-getting, relentless, never gives up tenacious (Adj.)
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