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Vocabulary 2018

Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension November

profound deep
ominous dark, foreboding
unorthodox outside of the rules
revelation discovery
facade front
penchant desire
barrage bombardment
tenacious determined, hungry, aggressive
conspicuous to stick out
console to soothe, take care of
proponent supporter
fledgling young bird, inexperienced
punctilious rule-following
indigenous native
pensive thoughtful, quiet/serious
methodical careful, detailed, organized
auspicious fortunate, lucky
vigilant watchful
mediate bring to the middle
console soothe
methodical careful, orderly, structured
prophetic thoughtful future telling
decorum sense of grand politeness
intuition gut feeling, sixth sense
hospitable antonym/belligerent, H...
tranquility antonym/commotion, T...
reluctant antonym/impulsive, R...
cower crouch in fright
humility antonym/arrogance, H...
vigilant oblivious (ignorant)---antonym
tenacious antonym/reluctant, T
retaliate----R payback
vehemently----V passionately, feeling strongly
compel----C to force
dilapidated----D broken down
scion----S small growth, offshoot
relentless----R tenacious
prominent----P conspicuous
despise----D feel contempt for, hate
jeer----J sneer loudly, mock
Created by: Hausrita