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Chem U6

writing chemical equations

chemical equation The recipe that describes what you need to do in order for a reaction to take place
catalyst something that helps the reaction occur, but doesn't get used up
why does 2H2O2 not the same thing as H4O4 2H2O2 describes two different compounds; H4O4 is one compound
aqius a substances dissolved in a liquid; measured in molarity (# of moles per liter of solution)
law of conservation of matter atoms cannot be created or destroyed
why is the law of conservation of matter important in chemical equations it means that chemical equations must be balanced, because you cannot lose or gain anything in a chemical reaction
synthesis occurs when 2 or more simple compounds combine to form a complex one
decomposition a complex molecule breaks down into more simpler ones (car airbag)
single replacement an element reacts with an ionic compound. The cation is replaced
double replacement cations from 2 ionic compounds switch places
acid/base a double replacement reaction that produces water and a type of salt (ionic compound)
combustion occurs when oxygen combines with a hydrocarbon to form water, carbon dioxide, and heat.
what happens in combustion if the reaction is not complete? there will also be carbon left over as soot as will has CO
what is a hydroccarbon anything with a hydrogen and a carbon
why do gases react compared to liquid? because gases have more oxygen around them, and for fire to appear, there needs to be oxygen. liquid has no place for oxygen thoooo
Created by: allyson.lee