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9th ELA R&J

9th ELA Romeo&Juliet VOCABULARY #2

WEARY emotionally exhausted Benvolio) "Being one too many by my weary self " (pg 17)
DEFIANCE bold disobedience (BENVOLIO) “Which, as he breathed defiance to my ears” pg. 16
PERNICIOUS having a harmful effect (PRINCE) "the fire of your pernicious rage" PG 15
PARTISAN open contempt and also an old weapon (PRINCE) "to wield old partisans in hands as old" pg 15 and pg 16
PORTENTOUS a threat or warming (MONTAGUE) "Black and portentious must this humor prove" pg 14
QUARREL an angry argument or disagreement ((MONTAGUE) "Who set this ancient quarrel new abroach? P14
VALIANT showing courage and determination GREGORY) "To move is to stir, and to be valiant, is to stand pg. 13
AUGMENT make something greater by adding to it (MONTAGUE) "With tears augmenting the fresh morning's dew" PG 17
ASSAIL attacK (ROMEO) "Nor bideth' encounter of assailing eyes." PG 19
COVERT secret (BENVOLIO) "and stole the covert of the wood PG 16
ADVERSARY enemy (BENVOLIO) "Here were the servants of your adversary" PG 16
NUPTIALS a wedding (CAPULET) "Tis since the nuptials of Lucentio" PG 30
VILE disgusting (JULIET) "Was ever book containing such vile matter? PG 29"
WANTON immodest or promiscuous (ROMEO) "let wantons light of heartPG 27
CHOLER anger (SAMPSON) "I mean, and we be in choler, we'll draw" PG 32
DISPOSITION a persons quality of mind and character (LADY CAPULET) ""How stands your disposition to be married? PG 25
POSTERITY descendants of a person (ROMEO) "Cut beauty off from all posterity PG 19
SOLEMNITY being serious and dignified (TYBALT) To scorn at our solemnity. PG 31
SEVERITY being severe or harsh ROMEO "For beauty starved with her severity PG 19
PROPAGATE spread and promote (ROMEO) "Which thou wiil proprogate , to have to makem PG 18
Created by: asimien907