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Atomic Theory I

How scientists think atoms are structured and how the ideas are developed.

Who were the earliest known scientists to ponder the question of how the smallest particles are structured? A Hindu philosopher named Kanada.
What time period did Kanada live? 6th century BCE
What Greek philosopher contributed to the atomic theory? Democritus
When did Democritus live? 5th century BCE
What does atomos mean? Atomos is the greek word for atoms. It means "indivisible".
Who created the word "atomos"? Democritus used it to describe the smallest particles of matter.
Democritus was one of the first Greek philosophers to contribute to the idea of atoms, how did he describe what he called, "atomos?" Democritus stated that the universe is made up of multiple indivisible entities that more around and are unchangeable.
There are two models of atomic structure, what are they called? planetary, or orbital model and electron cloud model
Describe the planetary or orbital model. similar to the solar system with a central unit and orbiting units following a specific path.
Describe the electron cloud model. much like the propellers on a plane, there is a space where we know the electron can be, but it moves randomly and quickly and we can not be certain of its path.
Was Democritus' theory the pre-eminent theory of the day? No, Aristotle and Plato held to the theory that matter is made up of four elements and since they were more popular, their ideas took hold.
What was Aristotle and Plato's atomic theory made of? Silliness, but really, they believed that all of creation was made up of four elements, earth, air, fire, and water.
When did John Dalton contribute to the atomic model? The early 1800's.
When did Democritus live? 400 BCE
What comprised John Dalton's theory? That elements were made up of atoms, that if they were the same element, then the atoms were the same, if they were different, then they were different, and if two or more atoms were brought together, then they made a compound.
What is an energy level? Simply put, it is the electron's "address".
What is a model? Models are ways for scientists to take simple, common things and to use them to explain a complicated concept, for example Bohr's planetary model.
Where does the word electricity come from? The Greek word "electron", which means "amber".
Name one scientist who studied electricity. Benjamin Franklin
the parts of an atom nucleus, electron, proton, neutron
the charge of an electron e-
the charge of a proton p+
What two scientists contributed to the plum pudding model? J.J. Thomson, and Rutherford
What Danish soccer jock revolutionized the atomic model? Niels Bohr
Created by: RayRamirez