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Noble gases

chemical elements by classification on the periodic table

2 He Helium
Helium is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and odorless, and it's boiling point is what? -452.1 F (the lowest of all chemical elements)
Who discovered Helium? Jules Janssen and Norman Lockyear
The name Helium is derived from what language? Greek, named for Helios, Greek titan of the sun.
10 Ne Neon
Who discovered Neon? William Ramsey and Morris Travers (1898)
What is Neon's boiling point? -410.9 F
Neon has over 40 times the refrigeration capacity of what liquid element? Helium
Neon also has 3 times the refrigeration capacity of what element? Liquid Hydrogen
Neon's name is greek for what? Neos, meaning new
18 Ar Argon
Who discovered Argon? Sir William Ramsay (1894)
How is Argon obtained? air
What is Argon's boiling point? Xe
Argon is the 3rd most abundant gas in the atmosphere and comprises what percentage of Earth's crust? .00015%
Argon's name is derived from Greek for what? Argon means inactive in Greek
36 Kr Krypton
Krypton is named for the Greek for what? Kryptos, meaning hidden
Who discovered Krypton? Sir William Ramsay in 1898
What is Krypton's boiling point? -244.12 F
Krypton is radioactive and it has a half-life of how many years? 10.76 years
How is Krypton produced? The fission of Uranium and Plutonium in nuclear reactions.
54 Xe Xenon
Xenon is from the greek meaning what? Stranger
Who discovered Xenon? Sir William Ramsay in 1898
What is Xenon's boiling point? -162.58 F
What is Xenon used for? Flash lamps, arc lamps, and a general anaesthetic
Solid xenon has a higher density than what? Granite
86 Rn Radon
Radon's name is from what? Radium
Who discovered Radon? Sir William Ramsay and Robert Owens, but some claim that Fredrich Dorn discovered it in 1898
Breathing radon in is what? Toxic
Radon's boiling point is what? -79.24 F
How is radon produced? radioactive decay of Radium -226
118 Og Oganessen
Who was Oganessen named after? Nuclear physicist Yuri Oganessian
When was Oganessen first recognized? 2015, as a synthetic element
Oganessen is one of how many elements named after a living person at the time of naming? Two
Oganessen was thought to be a gas, but may actually be what state of matter? Solid
Oganessen is radioactive, very unstable, and what? May be significantly reactive.
What is Oganessen's boiling point? unknown at this time
Created by: Lailasmom