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Science Chapter 6


What are the 3 common temperature scales Celsius, Fahrenheit, kelvin
When scientists think about temperature they are thinking about? Particles that make up matter Are always in motion and have kinetic energy. Temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the individual particles of an object
Most common temp scale used in US Fahrenheit
Fahrenheit- water freezes at? 32
Fahrenheit- water boils at what temp 212
Fahrenheit- the interval between freezing and boiling temperatures is divided into how many equal intervals 180
Temperature scale used most around the word Celsius
Celsius- water freezes at 0
Celsius-water Boils at 100
How many degrees Celsius is mommy’s morning dragon breath 1000
Temperature scale used in physical science Kelvin
Units on a Kelvin scale are the same size as those in the ——— scale Celsius
Absolute 0 at Fahrenheit is -460
Absolute 0 in Celsius is -273
Absolute 0 in Kelvin is 0
Water boils at what temp kelvin 373
Any temperature on the Kelvin scale can be changed to celsius by adding how many degrees 273
Why is the number 273 so special Experiments have led scientists to conclude that -273 celsius is the lowest temperature possible
The Kelvin scale is defined so that 0 on the Kelvin scale is? Absolute 0
What is absolute 0 Point where no more energy can be removed from matter
The total energy of all the particles in a substance is called Thermal energy
Thermal energy is also known as Internal energy
TorF- a large pot of cocoa can have the same temperature as a small cup of cocoa True
TorF- 1 liter of cocoa at 75 degrees fahrenheit has the same thermal energy as 2 liters of 75 degrees Fahrenheit cocoa False
TorF- the more particles a substance has at a given temperature, the more thermal energy it had True.
Besides temperature and the number of particles in a substance, thermal energy also depends on ——— How the particles are arranged
Are thermal energy and temperature the same? Explain
How is the motion of the particles within a substance related to the thermal energy of the substance?
Why are there no negative numbers on the Kelvin scale Because absolute 0, the lowest temperature possible is defined as zero on the Kelvin scale
The movement of thermal energy from a substance at a higher temperature to another at slower temperature is defined as Heat Heat is thermal energy moving from a warmer object to a cooler object
Tor F-matter contains thermal energy not heat True
What are the 3 ways heat can move it be transferred Conduction, convection and radiation
Heat is transferred from one particle of matter to another without the movement of matter itself is the definition of Conduction - think of how a metal spoon in a pot of water being heated on an electric stove.
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