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7th Grade Pre Algebra Words

algebra a branch of mathematics dealing with symbols
algebra expression an expression that contains sums and/or products of variables and numbers
coordinate plane another name for coordinate system
coordinate system a coordinate system is formed by the intersection of two number lines that meet at right angles at their zero points, also called a coordinate plane
counterexample an example that shows conjecture is not true
deductive reasoning the process of using facts, properties, or rules to justify reasoning or reach valid conclusions
defining a variable choosing a variable and a quantity for the variable to represent in an equation
domain the domain of relation is the set of all x-coordinates from each pair
equation a mathematical sentence that contains an equal sign (=)
evaluate find the numerical value of an expression
function a function is a special relation in which each element of the domain is paired with exactly one element in the range
function rule the operation performed on the input of a function
function table a table organizing the input, rule, and output
graph a dot at the point that corresponds to an ordered pair on a coordinate plane
numerical expression a combination of numbers and operations such as addition, substraction, multiplication, and division
order of operations the rules to follow when more than one operations is used in an expression. Think PEMDAS ***MD left to right and ***AS left to right
ordered pair a pair of numbersused to locate any point on a coordinate plane
origin the point at which the number lines intersect in a coordinate system
properties statements that are true for any numbers
range the range of a relation is the set of all y-coordinates from each ordered pair
relation a set of ordered pairs
scatter plot a graph that shows the relationship between two set of data
simplify to write an expression in a simpler form
variable a placeholder for any value
x-axis the horizontal number line which helps to form the coordinate system
x-coordinate the first number of an ordered pair
y-axis the vertical number line wich helps to form the coordinate of a point where a graph crosses the y-axis
y-coordinate the second number of an ordered pair.
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