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German Noun (N)

Abendmahl, Lord's Supper; Communion
Beispiel, e example; zum Beispiel = for example
Bild, er picture, image
Buch, ¨er book
Ende, n end
Evangelium, Evangelien gospel
Gericht, e judgment
Gesetz, e law
Gesicht, er face
Gottesdienst, e worship service, divine service
Hauptstück, e chief part; article (of faith)
Haus, ¨er house; home
Heil, x salvation; welfare
Herz, en heart
Jahr, e year
Kapitel, chapter
Kind, er child
Kreuz, e cross
Licht, er light
Opfer sacrifice
Reich, e kingdom, empire
Tier, e animal, beast
Volk, ¨er folk, people
Wasser water
Werk, e work
Wort, e/¨er word
Zeichen sign, indication
Zeitalter age, era
Ding,e thing
Urchristentum,x early Christianity; the early Church
Fest,e celebration, festival, banquet
Gefühl,e feeling, emotion
Gespräch,e conversation
Teil,e part
Zeugnis,se testimony, evidence; testimonial
Grab,¨er grave; tomb
Haupt,¨er head
Dasein,x existence, being; ins Dasein treten = to come into existence
Gebet,e prayer
Leben life
Ziel,e goal, destination
Mittel means
Wesen being, creature; nature
Miβverständnis,se misunderstanding
Recht,e right; justice; (pl) law
Stück,e piece; play
Glied,er member, limb
Mal,e time; mark; mit einem Mal = suddenly
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