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Test 4 LA Vocab

Implacable Cannot be pacified, inexorable*
Paroxysm A fit, sudden outburst
Reprehensible Worth of blame
Jurisdiction Power, range of authority
Skirmish Small fight, brief encounter
Idiom: Cause celebre A famous law case or controversy
Harass To trouble, torment
Monolithic Massively solid
Indigent Poor, needy
Arbitrary Based on whim, dictatorial
Fray A fight
Idiom: One swallow does not make a summer Don't jump to conclusions based on incomplete evidence
Stymie To hinder, impede
Effigy A likeness (usually of a hated person)
Flout Show contempt, scoff*
Cognizant Aware
Turbulent Unruly, agitated
Terminate To end
Forthwith Immediately
Exacerbate To irritate, make worse
Revert Return
Oust To drive out, reject
Idiom: An ax to grind Having a selfish motive in the background
Surge To rush suddenly
Tranquil Quiet
Sanctuary Shelter
Ascend To rise
Idiom: Sour grapes To disparage* something you cannot have
Malnutrition Faulty or inadequate diet
Afflict To trouble greatly, to distress
Besiege To surround, hem in
Privation Lack of necessities
Sinister Evil, ominous
Idiom: To swap horses in midstream To vote against a candidate for election, to change one's mind
Ubiquitous Being everywhere at the same time
Remote Distant, hidden away
Thwart To hinder, defeat
Harbringer A forerunner, advance notice
Malignant Likely to cause death
Idiom: To cool one's heels To be kept waiting
Excruciating Agonizing, torturing
Respite An interval of relief, delay
Reverberating reechoing, resounding
Fretful Worrisome, irritable
Succumb To give way, yield
Idiom: A red herring Something that diverts attention from the main issue
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