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Psy 101 Prologue

Psychology 101

The scientific study that aims to solve practical problems is called? Applied Research
The science of behavior and mental process is called? Psychology
The interdisciplinary study of the brain activity linked with cognition (including perception, thinking memory, and language)is called? Cognitive Neuroscience
The long standing controversy over the relative contributions that genes and experience make to the development of psychological traits and behaviors called? Nature-nurture issue
The principle that, among the range of inherited trait variations, those contributing to reproduction and survival will most likely be passed on to the succeeding generations is called? Natural Selection
A brance of medicine dealing with psychological disorders; practiced by physicians who sometimes provide medical treatments as well as psychological theraphy is called? Psychiatry
The branch of psychology that assist people with problems in living (often related to school, work, or marriage) and in achieving greater well-being is called? Counseling Psychology
The differing complementary views, from biological, to psychological to socio-cultural, for analyzing any given phenomenon are referred to as? The levels of analysis
An early school of psychology that used introspection to explore the structural elements of the human mind is called? Structuralism
A school of psychology that focused on how our mental and behavioral processes function-how they enable us to adapt, survive, and flourish-is called? Functionalism
1965-Professor Skinner is lecturing your introductory course. He defines psychology as the "scientific study of _________." Observable Behavior
Edward Titchener used the research method known as? Introspection
The leader of a self-helf group has asked you to recommend an approach to psychology that emphasizes personal growth and people's need for love and acceptance. What branch of psychology? Humanistic Psychology
The unified understanding of explanations provided by neuroscience, cognitive, social-cultural, and other psychological perspectives is most clearly provided by? Biopsychoscocial approach
A focus on how much our genes and environment influence our individual differences is most relevant to the _____ perspective. Behavior genetics
Jim is a 43 yr old male presenting with the auditory hallucinations, ideas of reference, paranoid of thoughts of presecutions and claims of "special powers." Jim suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. His dr. is most likely a? Psychiatrist
Person believes that certain ideas and personal characterteristics are innate or inborn. Nativist - Plato believed it
A person believes that knowledge comes from experience with the environment. Empiricist - Aristotle believed it
The view that the mind and body are two separate entities. Dualism
British Philosopher (Empiricist) believed that the mind is a blank slate before the environmental experiences write their story. John Locke
Pioneer demonstrated through research that mental processes could be studied with the same scientific methods used in some other areas. Hermann Von Hemholtz
The psychologist bring together the views of psychology as a science of behavior and a science of mental processes. Jean Piaget
The view of psychology emphasized the study of mental processes alone. Structuralism
Who introduced early school of structuralism? Edward Titchener
Who wroter the early textbook of principles of Psychology? William James
In its earliest days, psychology was defined as? A science of mental life
Who would most likely to agree with the statement, "Psychology should investigate only behaviors that can be observed"? John B. Watson
Psychologist who study how brain activity is linked to memory, perception, and other thought processes are called? Cognitive neuroscientists
Today, psychology is defined as the science of behavior and mental processes
Which of the following exemplifies the issue of relative importance of nature and nurture on our behavior? The issue of relative influence of biology and experience on behavior.
The sevententh-century philosopher who believed that the mind is blank at birth and that most knowledge comes through sensory experience is Descartes
Psychologists who study the degree to which genes influence our personality are working from the Behavior genetices prospective
Which psychological perspective emphasizes the interaction of the brain and body in behavior? Neuroscience
A psychologists who explores how Asian and North American definitions of attractiveness differ is working from the _____ perspective. Social-cultural
A psychologists who conducts experiments solely to build psychology's knowledge base is engage in Basic research
Today, psychology is a discipline that Connects diversity of other fields.
In order, the sequence of steps in the SQ3R method is Survey,Question, Read, Review, Reflect
The first psychology laboratory was established by ____ in the year _____. Wundt; 1879
Who would be most likely to agree with the statement, "Psychology is the science of mental life"? Wilheim Wundt
Two historical roots of psychology are the disciplines of Philosophy and Biology
Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow are most closely associated with Humanistic Psychology
In psychology, behavior is best defined as Any action can be observed and record
In defining psychology, the text notes that psychology is most accurately described as a way of asking and answering questions
The Greek Philosopher who believed that intelligence was inherited was Plato
The biopsychological approach emphasized the importance of Different levels of analysis in exploring behavior and mental processes
The way we encode, process, store and retrieve information is the primary concern of the ____ perspective. Cognitive
Dr. Ernst esplains behavior in terms of different situations. Dr Ernst is working from the ____ perspective. Social-cultural
Which perspective emphasizes the learning of observable responses? Behavioral
Dr Jones research centers on the relationship between changes in our thinking over the life span and changes in moral reasoning. Dr Jones is most likely a Developmental psychologist
Which subfield is directly concerned with studying human behavior in the workplace? Industrial/Organizational psychology
A psychologists who studies how worker productivity might be increased by changing office layout is engaged in ____ research. Applied
A major principle underlying the SQ3R study method is that People learn and remember material best when they actively process it
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