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Polvora List A

Study words

anywhere refers to a place here or place there
a building is an edifice for business or living
broken like a glass that fell
a channel is a station on TV or YouTube
foggy like water in the air or like a cloud
to grow is to get big, bigger, bigger, the biggest
a gate offers outside protection for a house
a fork helps you eat pasta
a husband is married to his wife
an insect is an animal with six legs
wildlife lives in the forest or the mountains
weather describes the atmosphere, like stormy, rainy, cloudy
a brick is a block for construction
to sneeze ACHOO!!
wrong like two plus two equals five
an itch requires a sneeze or scratching
to run out of sugar means there is no more sugar
a wardrobe refers to the clothes in your closet
a soul is the spirit of a human being
to review is to check your memory
to orbit is to go around and around
to scramble to mix together, like mixing eggs
to arrange to organize
a screen to see contents of the phone
big like a whale
small like a mouse
tall like a giraffe
short like a puppy
cold like ice
hot like fire
slow like a turtle
fast like a cheetah
spicy like salsa
sweet like honey
soft like cotton
wet like swimming
dry like sunbathing
wild like a panther
hard like metal
domesticated like a dog
easy like coloring
difficult like algebra
good like fruit
bad like too much candy
full like a new milk carton
empty like a milk carton after breakfast
young like a baby
old like grandpa
low like blueberries in a bush
high like oranges on a tree
early like 6 am
late like 8 pm
light like a feather
heavy like a truck
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