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Property part II

types Property part II

In the Home owners forms *the property coverage varies in each form *The liability coverage is the same in each form
Which of the following perils are covered in all of the Homeowners form? *fire *vandalism *Theft
in a Homeowner desires the maximum protection for home and contents, which form should be purchased? HO-5
Which of the following losses would not be recoverable under the liability coverage of the homeowners policy? the named of the insured's son damages the family's garage with his car
If insured carriers an amount of insurance on his home equal to at least 80% of the replacement cost of the dwelling, then what is the rule of indemnification which applies if the home is destroyed? The insured may be indemnified for the replacement value of the property, up to the policy limits
of the four coverage's provided under section I of the homeowners policy, which one provides coverage against indirect loss? Coverage D loss of use
Under the Homeowners policy, which of the following classes of personal property have special limits for theft losses, but not other type of losses *firearm 25k *silverware 25k *jewelry 15k
Lighting damages several valuable trees on the insured property, this loss is covered for up to 5% of the coverage A limit or a maximum of $500 per tree in all homeowners forms
Which personal Inland Marine form provides open peril coverage on a blanket basis for most kinds of property found in a typical home? personal articles floater
which of the following losses would be covered by a flood policy? Heavy rains cause a lake to overflow and flood the basement and first floor of the house
Flood insurance Must be purchased from the federal government or private companies who are reimbursed for losses by the goverment
which of the following is not a category of the nationwide marine definition excess liability
the inland marine transportation form used to insure a carrier's liability for damage to cargo it is transporting is the motor truck cargo policy
An inland marine bailee's customer policy reimburses the bailee for any loss to customers' property due to a peril insured against, regardless of the whether the insured is liable for the damage
Created by: juanjd12
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