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Spanish test1

First Spanish test, Tri 1

?Como te llamas? Me llamo Pablo
?Esta es amilia, mi mejor amiga? Igualmente
?De donde eres? Soy de Argentina
?Quien es el muchacho? es mi mejor amiga
?Como estas? Estoy Regular
To greet a principal in the morning Buenos dias
To tell a friend you have to leave adios
To tell a friend you'll see her later tengo que irme
to greet your teacher in the afternoon Buenas Tardes
To tell a classmate good-bye Hasta luego
Tell pablo you'll see him soon Hasta Pronto
Tell someone you are pleased to meet him Mucho Gusto
ask a school counselor what his name is ?Como se llama usted?
Introduce Luisa and say she is a classmate Te presento a luisa, ella es un estudiante
ask a student how its going ?Que tal?
a group a female classmates (spain) vosotras
your best friend tu
a school counselor usted
a group of male and female classmates ellos
a group of male students (spain) vosotros
4-18-13-20 cuatro, dieciocho, trese, veinte
8:30 am son las ocho y media de la maƱana
?Que dia es hoy? miercoles
5 facts about spain 1. Festival of fire, burn puppets to celebrate the start of spring 2. Olive oil is a main export from andalucia 3. Sevilla holds a yearly festival with costumes and songs and dances 4. spain has 4 official languages 5. Currency of spain is the euro
Created by: monkocp123