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Behymer Honors Soph

Words 1-100

Adulterate to corrupt
Ambidextrous use both hands skillfully
Augment make larger
Bereft deprived of
Deploy To position
Dour stern, gloomy
Fortitude courage in difficulty
Gape stare open-mouthed
Gibe ridicule, mock
Guise In disguise
Insidious sly, treacherous
Intimation a hint
Opulent wealthy, luxurious
Pliable flexible
Reiterate repeat
Stolid dull, unresponsive
Tentative uncertain, hesitant
Unkempt untidy
Verbatim Word for word
Warily Cautiously
Adroit Skillful, deft
Amicable Friendly
Averse Opposed, unwilling
Belligerent Combative, aggressive
Benevolent Kind, charitable
Cursory Hasty, not thorough
Duplicity Deceit, treachery
Extol Praise extravagantly
Feasible Possible
Grimace Facial distortion
Holocaust Destruction by fire
Impervious Unaffected
Impetus Stimulus, impulse
Jeopardy Danger
Meticulous Particular about details
Nostalgia Longing for the past
Quintessence Most typical example
Retrogress to go backward
Scrutinize Examine closely
Tepid Lukewarm, unenthused
Adversary Enemy, opponent
Alienate to make indifferent or hostile
Artifice A cunning strategy or trick
Coerce To compel, force
Craven Cowardly
Culinary Related to cooking
Demise Death
Exhilarate To stimulate or enliven
Fallow Land left unseeded or inactive
Harass Trouble by repeated attacks
Inclement unpleasant (weather)
Liquidate Convert assets to cash
Muse ponder, think
Negligible insignificant, beneath consideration
Perpetuate preserve or cause to continue
Precedent an earlier event that’s used as a guide
Punitive punishment
Redress make amends
Sojourn a temporary stay
Urbane courteous and refined in manner
Affiliated officially attached to an organization
Ascertain make sure of
Attainment achievement
Bequeath to give (Inheritance)
Cogent convincing
Converge draw together
Disperse spread apart
Esteem high regard
Expunge erase
Finite having limits
Invulnerable unable to be hurt
Malevolent spiteful, evil
Nonchalant unconcerned
Omniscient all knowing
Panacea a cure-all
Scrupulous having high moral standards
Skulk lurk, sneak
Supercilious scornfully superior
Uncanny strange, mysterious
Venial easily excused
Altruistic concerned with other’s welfare
Assent agreement
Benefactor one who does good to others
Chivalrous marked by honor, courtesy, courage
Clemency mercy, leniency
Dearth scarcity
Diffident shy
Discrepancy difference
Embark to go aboard
Facile easy
Indomitable impossible to defeat
Infallible unfailing
Plod slow, heavy walk
Pungent strong smelling
Remiss negligent
Repose restful
Temerity excessive confidence
Truculent aggressively defiant
Unfeigned sincere
Virulent bitterly hostile, toxic
Created by: lbehymer
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