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Avanz C.1 most diff

significados de los verbos

acostarse to lie down
apretar to tighten
atravesar to cross
caber to fit
carecer to lack something
coger to seize
conducir to lead
confiar to confide/trust
conseguir to get
deferir to defer
despedirse to take leave of
despertarse to wake oneself up
devolver to return (something)
dirigir to direct
enviar to send/mail
escoger to choose
exigir to demand
fiarse to trust
fingir to pretend
haber to have (as an auxiliary
herir to harm
huir to escape
medir to measure
mentir to tell a lie
merecer to deserve
morder to bite
morir to die
mostrar to show
negar to deny
padecer to suffer
parecer to seem
permanecer to remain; to last
perseguir to pursue
pertenecer to belong; to pertain to
probar to test
recoger to pick (up)
referir to refer
reír to laugh
reñir to scold
seguir to follow
soler to be accustomed to
temblar to tremble
torcer to twist/sprain
traer to bring
tropezar to trip
cocer to cook
Created by: nazevedo