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Spanish Songs Exam

tarde afternoon
batir (bate) to mix or stir
clear clara
already ya
God Dios
amor love
song canción
tan so
heavy pesada
levantarla lift it
ayúdame help me
mochila backpack
pencil lápiz
libro book
pen boligrafo
scissors las tijeras
folder legajo
calculadora calculator
pencils lápices
pleasure placer
conocerte to know you
cuando when
maíz corn
trigo wheat
dar to give
prestar to loan
abrigo coat or warmth
alas wings
acurroucaditos cuddle
hasta until
otro another
día day
se visten they dress themselves
spring primavera
countryside campos
pajaritos the little birds
afar afuera
venir to come
vemos we see
lucir to shine (shining)
gallo rooster
gallina hen
hormiguitas ants
cerritos little hills
vereditas little paths
van caminando to go walking
to go on tip toe van de puntitas
to give turns van dando vueltas
vuelta turn
dando giving
saltar to leap
bailar to dance
patinando skating
se despiden they say goodbye
doler to ache
head cabeza
mandar to prescribe
gorrita little hat
patitas little hooves
pata hoof
throat garganta
scarf bufanda
ribs costillas
jacket chaqueta
droplets gotitas
lemon limón
corazón heart
nothing nada
trocitos little slices
slices trocos
apple manzana
paz peace
liberty libertad
war guerra
poor people pobres
viejitos old people
bombs bombas
radación radiation
nor ni
ideas ideas
extermination exterminación
Created by: Jaspergem