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WordMasters Terms

1st Marking Period Contest Flashcards

Abet To support a wrongdoing; encourage, assist, crime
Begrudge To envy ones good fortune/ reluctantly give; jealous, resent
Besiege To crowd around/ causes stress or worry/ overwhelm with requests; takeover, attack, swarm (negative)
Billowy A characterization of great swelling waves; surging, blowing, heavy, loose
Caress To stroke someone or something gently in a affectionate manner; love
Castigate To inflict punishment upon/ severely criticize
Covetous To desire ones belonging(s); jealous
Crotchety Describing ones difficulty; arguable
Cyclone A rapid rotation of wind causing storms/ storms that form over warm oceans; tornadoes, hurricanes
Flay To strip the skin off; bare
Foist To force onto one/ insert without warrant; cheating
Geyser A spring that dramatically shoots out water and steam/ powerfully flowing; fountain, overflowing, jackpot, overflow
Hankering A strong desire for something; cravings, wanting, weakness, wish
Hone To perfect a skill/ sharpen a tool
Leaden Something heavy that moves slowly; drags, sluggish, boring
Origin The intersection of the coordinates axes/ where something came from; beginning, start
Pinnacle The highest point obtainable/ slender upright on a buttress tower
Ponderous One with great mass/ slow moving due to weight/ someone who is boring & dull; dull, laborious
Pungent An odor that is strong/ capable of wounding/
Residual The remainder of what is mostly gone/ a payment made to a performer; leftover, profit
Temper A characterization of the state of feeling/ elasticity and hardness of a metal object/ adjust the pitch; tune
Trenchant Having forceful penetration in though, expressions, and intellect/ clearly defined to the mind/ getting to the point; thorough,
Upheaval A violent disturbance/ rise of land to a higher elevation; disorder, protest
Vertex The highest point of something/ point of intersection of lines; point that's opposite of the base of the figure; top, summit
Vortex A powerful circular current of water/ shape of something rotating rapidly; swirling
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