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27 - Verbs

Spanish Verbs Intermediate

abuchear to boo
acechar to stalk
acusar to accuse
agradar to please
agredecer to thank
ahogar to drown (smth or someone); suffocate (someone)
albergar to house (harbor); to provide shelter;
atropellar to run over (trample)
corromper to corrupt (someone); to spoil or rot (something)
criar to raise (a person or cattle)
culpar to blame (someone)
domar to tame (an animal)
embestir to charge (to rush or attack)
enloquecer to drive crazy
espantar to frighten; to scare;
expulsar to expel
humillar to humiliate (someone)
pasmar to astound; astonish (someone)
patrocinar to sponsor
procesar to prosecute
recordar (2) to remind (someone)
reprender to reprimand; scold (someone)
sermonear to lecture
suplicar to beg or implore (someone)
traicionar to betray (someone)
vincular to link(someone); to bind (by contract);
vitorear to cheer (someone)
arruinarse to go bankrupt
avergonzar to embarrass
castigar to punish
dejar (2) to allow
disputar (2) to contest; to challenge or compete
extra├▒ar (2) to surprise
pegar (2) to beat; to hit;
sorprender to surprise
violar to rape
Created by: faisal0926