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26 - Verbs

Spanish Verbs Intermediate

agachar to lower (something)
agarrar to grab (something or someone)
alargar to extend (something)
aprestar to prepare (something)
arder to burn (something in fire)
armar to build up; to create; to pitch; to put up;
arrasar to raze to the ground; destroy
arrojar to throw
asolar to devastate (ravage; destroy)
atar to tie (bind)
aupar to lift up; to hoist up; to raise;
averiar to damage
basar to base something (on something else)
cargar (3) to carry (something)
colocar to place or put
compaginar to combine (to make compatible; make it work)
contener (1) to contain
contener (2) to hold back; restrain
corregir (corre-heer) to correct
desplazar to move or displace (something)
envolver to wrap (envelope)
estrechar (1) to narrow (reduce width)
estrechar (2) to hold; embrace;
fomentar to promote (foster, encourage)
fregar to mop, wash or scrub;
imprimir to print (something)
juntar to collect; to bring together;
lamer to lick (something)
lucir (1) to wear, sport or show off; to flaunt;
masticar to chew (something)
mojar to wet (something)
morder to bite (something)
oler to smell (something)
otorgar to grant; give; award (something)
paliar to ease (alleviate)
pulsar to press (a button)
puntuar to rate; to grade;
recaudar to raise (funds); to collect (funds)
recordar (1) to remember (something)
redactar to draft (something); to draw up (a contract)
regir to govern; to rule;
reiniciar to reset or reboot (something)
remolcar to tow (something)
retrasar to delay
rociar to spray
sembrar (1) to plant or sow (something)
tragar to swallow (something)
verter to pour (into something)
Created by: faisal0926