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25 - Verbs

Spanish Verbs Intermediate

acordar to agree (to do something)
acordarse to remember (something)
adelantar to advance (improve); to make progress;
adentrarse to enter; to penetrate
ahogarse to drown (in something)
alargarse to get longer
albergarse to stay; to take shelter
apestar to stink (at something)
arrancarse to pull (something) out (like hair or tooth)
averiarse to break down; to get damaged;
basarse to be based on
chocar to crash; hit; collide;
criarse to grow up
debilitar to weaken
deprimir to depress (dishearten)
desplazarse to travel; to move; to go;
destellar to flash
disculparse to apologize
discutir to argue; to discuss
dudar to doubt; to hesitate
durar to last
empeorar to worsen
esperar (1) to hope
esperar (2) to wait
esperar (3) to expect
estrellarse to crash; to smash
exigirse to require; to call for;
fichar to sign up
fugarse to escape; to run away;
irrumpir to burst into; suddenly enter;
jactarse (huck-tur-say) to boast; brag
lucir (2) to shine
maquillarse to put on make-up
meterse to interfere; to jump into;
pedir limosna to beg (for alms)
permanecer to stay or remain
recurrir to resort to; to turn to;
resaltar to stand out; to jut out
retrasarse to be running late; to be delayed;
rodar (1) to roll; to spin;
rodar (2) to shoot a film
saber a (2) to taste
salirse to come out; to go out; leave
sembrar (2) to spread; to scatter;
silbar to whistle
sugerir suggest
suspender to fail (in class or exam; in Spain)
temblar to shake; shiver;
tomar el sol sunbathe
vacilar to hesitate
Created by: faisal0926