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Chem Test 1 Prep

Preparation for first Chemistry test

Which is an element, Cobalt or Carbon monoxide? Cobalt
Is salt water a heterogeneous or homogeneous mixture? Homogeneous
A metal can be bent into new shapes because it is what? Malleable
What do we call it when we can pull a metal out to form wires? Ductility
Baking powder contains three different chemicals plus corn starch. Is it a compound? No, it is a mixture
Define density mathematically Mass divided by volume
The melting point of water is the same as what? The freezing point
I heat up sulfur and iron filings to form a compound, FeS. How can I use a magnet to separate the iron? I can't, it is no longer a mixture, and FeS is not magnetic
If sugar dissolves in alcohol but salt does not, what lab equipment to I need to separate a mixture of sugar and salt? A funnel and filter paper
Name two types of pure substances Elements and compounds
You can smell bleach and gasoline because they are... Volatile
Which is a compound, water or iron? Water
Is sodium hydroxide, NaOH, a compound or a mixture? Compound
Metals are shiny. This is called: Luster
What does a mixture contain? More than one substance
What is volume? The amount of space something takes up.
Which changes on the moon? Mass, weight, volume or density? Weight
Substances that are made up of only one type of atom are called what? Elements
What do we call the smallest part of an element that still has the properties of the element? Atoms
Which is a homogeneous mixture, soil or air? Air
Which is an element, cobalt or carbon monixide? (Co or CO) Cobalt, Co
If you can see the individual components of a mixture, you know it is: Heterogeneous
IF a piece of wood sinks in water, what can you say about its density relative to the density of water? The wood is denser.
Created by: mmetzler