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GCSE Spanish

GCSE Spanish Speaking frame vocab

ahora now
hoy (en) día nowadays
actualmente at the moment
antes before
cuando era pequeño/a when I was little
de niño/a as a child
me encanta(n)... I love...
me gusta(n)... I like...
me fascina(n)... I'm fascinated in/ by...
me interesa(n)... I'm interested in/ by...
me chifla(n)... I'm into...
me flipa(n)... I love...
me da(n) igual... I'm not fussed (by/ about...)
me da(n) asco... I'm disgusted by...
me vuelve(n) loco ...makes me crazy/ mad
Odio... I hate...
Detesto... I hate...
No me gusta(n) nada... I really don't like...
No soporto... I can't stand...
es... it is..
no es... it isn't...
son... they are...
no son... they aren't...
me parece(n) It seems... to me
En mi opinión In my opinion...
Pienso que... I think that...
Creo que... I believe that...
Se puede decir que... It could be said that...
Se dice que... It is said that...
puesto que... given that...(because...)
ya que... because...
pero but
además in addition/ furthermore / also
sin embargo however
también also
tampoco neither
Prefiero... I prefer...
Suelo... I tend to...
interesante(s) interesting
fascinante(s) fascinating
importante(s) important
increible(s) incredible
imprescindible(s) essential
fácil/ difícil easy/ difficult
rápido/ lento fast/ slow
barato/ caro cheap/ expensive
cómodo/ incómodo comfortable/uncomfortable
moderno/ antiguo modern/ old
(no) Hay... There is/ are (not)...
Había... There was/ were...
Existe(n)... ...exist(s)
(No) estoy de acuerdo I (don't) agree
Me gustaría (tener) I would like (to have)
Created by: WelshPolyglot



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