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all verbs

aprender to learn
descansar to rest
asistir a to attend
vivir to live
entender to understand
desayunar to eat breakfast
hace buen tiempo it's nice weather
almorzar to eat lunch
cenar to eat dinner
poner to put/place
traer to bring
dar to give
ver to see
regresar to return
llegar to arrive
abrir to open
encontrar to meet, find
cerrar (ie) to close
preferir (ie) to prefer
pensar (ie) to think/plan
poder to be able to, can
perder (ie) to lose
sentir (ie) to feel
mentir (ie) to lie
empezar (ie) to begin
dormir (ue) to sleep
volver (ue) to return
recordar to remember
costar (ue) to cost
contar (ue) to count
morir (ue) to die
pedir (i) to ask for, order
seguir (i) to follow, continue
conseguir (i) to get, obtain
decir (yo digo) to sell, tell
repitir (i) to repeat
servir (i) to serve
saber (sé) to know (facts or info)
concer (conozco) to know (a person)
el/la contante the singer
una canción a song
la verdad the truth
una pelicula a movie
una deporte a sport
pequeño small
viejo, antiguo old
nuevo new
grande big
liviano light
pesado heavy
fácil easy
difícil difficult
duro hard (surface)
¡felicitaciciones! congratulations
suave soft; smooth
breve brief
largo long
corto short (length)
¡Díos mio! oh my goodness
amable friendly
algre/feliz happy
triste sad
tacaño/codo stingy
generoso generous
valiente brave
¡feliz cumpleaños! happy birthday!
perezoso/flojo lazy
trabajador/a hard worker
hablador/a talkative, chatty, talker
casado(a) married
soltero(a) single
viudo(a) widow
divorciado divorced
hacer (hago) to do/make
hacer la cama to make the bed
hacer un viaje to take a trip
hacer la tarea to do homework
los quehaceres the chores
esperar to wait for/hope for
hace fresco it's cool weather
hace sol it's sunny weather
hace viento it's windy
hace calor it's hot
hace frio it's cold
el invierno the winter
el otoño the fall
la primavera the spring
el verano the summer
llover (llueve) to rain
nevar (nieva) to snow
hay nubes/ está nublado cloudy
el arco iris the rainbow
la estrella the star
la niebla the fog
ayer yesterday
el/la_________ pasado/a last________
anoche last night
armarillo yellow
azul blue
verde green
anaranjado orange
blanco white
negro black
primero first
entonces/luego and then
por fin finally
moreno brown (hair, eyes, skin)
rubio blond
pelirroja red head
castaño brown hair
Rosa/rosada pink
gris gray
morada purple
claro light
oscuro dark
hacer un mandado to run an errand
hacer las maletas pack your suitcase
hacer ejercicio to do your exercises
salir con amigos (estar con amigo) to go with friends
el tiempo libre the free time
ir de compras to go shopping
estuve (e-stoo-ve)to be-I was
pude (poo-de) to be- I could
puse (poo-se)to put/ to place-I put
quise (kee-se) to want-I wanted
supe (soo-pe) to know-I found out
tuve too-ve) to have-I had
vine (vee-ne) to come-I came
dije (dee-he) to say-I said
traje (tra-je) to bring-I brought
Travieso(a) mischevious, naughty
Tranquilo quiet, calm
Extraño strange –foreign
Raro strange – rare
El vecino neighbor
La gente people
sacar to take out
buscar to look for
pescar to fish
castigar to punish
pagar to pay
pegar to hit
romper to break
creer to believe
me duele(n) it hurts me
el cuerpo the body
la cara the face
los ojos the eyes
los oidos the ears
la boca the mouth
los labios the lips
oir to hear
los dientes the teeth
la lengua the tongue
la nariz the nose
bañarse to take a bath
irse to leave
pintarse to put on makeup
levantarse to get up
ducharse to take a shower
despertarse (ie) to wake up
acostarse (ue) to go to be
afeitarse to shave oneself
cepillarse to brush oneself
quitarse to take off
sentarse (ie) to sit down
dormirse (ue) to fall asleep
portarse bien/mal to behave yourself well/misbehave
vestirse(i) to get dressed
ponerse (pongo) to put on
quitarse to take off
quedarse to stay/remain
enojarse to get mad/angry
el hombro the shoulder
el pecho the chest
el estómago (la panza) the stomach (belly)
el brazo the arm
el codo the elbow
la muñeca the wrist
la mano the hand
los dedos the fingers/digits
la pierna the leg
la ropa the clothing
la camisa/camiseta the collar shirt/t-shirt
la blusa the blouse
la falda the skirt
el vestido the dress
el abrigo the big coat
los pantalones the pants
los zapatos the shoes
los calcetines the socks
la gorro the baseball cap
el chaquete the jacket
las gafas (de sol) the glasses (sun)
las joyas the jewelry
el paraguas the umbrella
el anillo the ring
la pulsera the bracelet
los pendientes the earrings
el collar the necklace
el plato the plate
la servilleta the napkin
el tenedor the fork
el cuchillo the knife
la cuchara the spoon
el vaso the glass (cup)
Created by: yazmyn
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