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Spanish country fact

study guide

The only country in Africa as the official language. Guinea Ecuatorial
Two types of indigenous people from Mexico. Mayans, Aztecs
Three natural disasters in Central America Hurricanes, volcanoes, mudslides
Type of government that Cuba had under dictatorship of Fidel Castro. Communism
Country attached to Haiti La republica dominicana
Two land-locked countries in South America Bolivia, Paraguay
Country that is "commonwealth" of U.S. and home to the rainforest "El Yunque". Puerto Rico
Has the World's Highest Altitude Soccer Stadium. Bolivia
Home to the Panama Canal Panama
Home to the Andes Mountains. Chile
The indigenous people of Peru. Incas
Has a king and queen as part of their government. Spain
Has the World's Largest Telescope. Puerto Rico
Country with Lake Titicaca. Bolivia
Most popular type of band in Mexico. Mariachi
Powers most of South America with Hydroelectric dams. Paraguay
Fighting festival right before Christmas in Peru. Takanakuy
Define "La corrida de toros." Running of the bulls
How many countries have Spanish as their official language? 21
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