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IR verbs

to ask, request pedir
to open abrir
to discover descubrir
to feel sentir
to come venir
to hear oír
to leave-get out salir
to say or tell decir
to go ir
to follow seguir
to come venir
to live vivir
to exist existir
to write escribir
to produce producir
to occur, happen ocurrir
to receive, to welcome, greet recibir
to permit, allow permitir
to get, obtain conseguir
to serve servir
to open abrir
to hear oir
to convert, change convertir
to divide, to leave partir
to die morir
to direct dirigir
to fulfill, carry out, cumplir
to decide, settle, resolve decidir
to repeat repetir
to refer to referir
to go up, rise, move up, clim, riase up subir
to suffer, tu undergo, experience sufrir
to elect, choose elegir
to gather, meet, collect reunir
to build, construct construir
to prefer preferir
to airse, emerge, spring up, come out surgir
to obtain, acquire, buy adquirir
to demand, require exigir
to share, to divde up compartir
to consist consistir
to constitute constituir
to cover cubrir
to insist insistir
to include incluir
to prevent impedir
to attend asistir
to intervene intervenir
to sleep dormir
to argue, discuss discutir
to drive, conduct conducir
to notice, observe, advise, warn advertir
to unite, join, to tie together, to merge unir
to coincide, agree coincidir
to measure medir
to distinguish, discern, make out, recognize, single out distinguir
to introduce, insert introducir
to agree, to suit, to bee good for convenir
to define definir
to admit, accept, allow, recognize admitir
to reduce reducir
to divide dividir
to attend, go to acudir
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