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ER verbs

to believe creer
to say decir
to know, information saber
to want, to love querer
to do hacer
to turn on prender
to smell oler
to be able to,can poder
to put poner
to see ver
to have done something-something completed in past to do something haber
to have tener
to drink beber
to be essential, permanent quality ser
to owee, must, should, ought to deber
to put, place, set poner
to seem, appear parecer
to return, go back volver
to know people, places conocer
to lose perder
to understand entender
to appear, show up aparecer
to maintain, get mantener
to read leer
to fall caer
to bring, to get, fectch, to carry traer
to suppose suponer
to understand, comprehend comprender
to recongize reconocer
to be born nacer
to run correr
to be worth valer
to eat comer
mover to move
to happen, to succeed, follow suceder
to learn aprender
to respond, answer, reply to responder
to obtain, get obtener
to be accustomed to soler
to stop, to hold up, delay, to arrest, detain detener
to propose proponer
to sell vender
to disappear desaparecer
to grow up crecer
to establish establecer
to put in, place, inser meter
to attempt pretender
to correspond with corresponder
to break romper
to solve, to resolve, to settle a debt or matter resolver
to pick up recoger
to impose, enforce imponer
to belong, pertain pertenecer
to have, arrange disponer
to defend defender
to depend depender
to fit in something caber
to attend to, pay attention to, atender
to deserve, merit merecer
to lay out tender
to expose exponer
to travel recorrer
to stay, remain permanecer
to contain, hold contener
to extend extender
to support, to hold up sostener
to return, give back devolver
to exercise, to practice a profession, to manage ejercer
to possess to own poseer
to portect proteger
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